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Home Cinema LED Strip Dimmer

This project aims at building a LED strip dimmer for my Home Cinema with control capabilities from the HTPC.

What I wanted to achieve is an automatic control of the room ambient light by MythTV:

  • When the HTPC is off or just started, but with the MythTV Front End to yet launched, the LED Strip must be off and the normal ceiling lamp is operated with the wall switch.
  • As soon as the MythTV Front End is launched, the ceiling lamp is switched off and the LED Strip is lit.
  • When a video starts, the LED Strip must be turned off, and when it stops or is paused, it must be turned on again. Pause can lead to a dimmed light, and stop to a full light depending on some parameters.
  • All transitions between light and dark must be progressive with ramp-up and ramp-down. Ramp times must be adjustable using parameters.

This is built with an Arduino Nano connected to the HTPC.

For all of the above operations, commands are issued by the PC through a USB virtual Serial Line connected to the Arduino. Some scripts are written to ease the integration with MythTV and OS Startup / Shutdown scripts.

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