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Why this site? From where?

I started this site to share my experience on a project aimed at monitoring temperature over internet, and I hope to add stuff on a regular basis on others topics.

Wonder why building a site instead of posting into an existing blog or community site?

You’ll have the answer later when the Remote temperature monitoring project will be more advanced: I wanted to have a server side to implement the central data collector.

And I also wanted to get a first experience on building sites on Drupal. Update: since then, I moved to WordPress


This site is organized essentially around short notes posted in a blog way, each note details a bit of work on a given project.

You can also retrieve all notes pertaining to a given project in each project page.

You can find a project lists here.

Some words about me

My name is GĂ©rard Chevalier. I’m french, leaving in Grenoble (in the Alps).

The site is in english because when dealing with microcontrollers, there is so much suff in english that I found smarter to share into this language.

I’m fund of technology, computer and electronic.

I started a long time ago, with Motorolla chips, then stopped for a while. Recently, I did a come bak with PIC microcontrollers, but rapidly moved to Arduino as it makes things so simpler!

I’m working in the IT domain, but not at all dealing with embeded system. Just doing WEB systems arhitecture.


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