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Temperature Sensors: introduction

This post is part of the Temperature monitoring project.

Temperature Sensors are the on-site devices that measure temperature and send them to the remote unit of the site.


  • Radio transmission
  • Capability to use commercial sensors, as well as home made.

Using commercial sensors was mandatory for me to take advantage of the following:

  • Low power devices using battery lasting several years.
  • Robust and designed for external conditions (low & high temperature, humidity‚Ķ).
  • Having a pretty well designed display station that can be used to look at temp locally.

So this will remove some design burden.

Actual device choice was not so much though:

  • Having already Oregon Scientific sensors, and that being a well known brand, I went to the local store and bought the first one that was enough pretty and not too expensive.
  • Halas! I should have googling a little more before that. The model I bought is EW91, and has a new transmission protocol. The idea was to re-use code for decoding borrowed from internet. Not conscious it will be not so easy, I started reverse engineering this protocol instead of purchasing another model. More on that in a coming notes I’ll post soon.

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