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Temperature monitoring from anywhere over internet

This post is part of the Temperature monitoring project.

Main idea of this project is remote temperature monitoring of several places through a central internet site. In other words, the ability to check temperatures (but it can be other measurements) of distant places connected to internet by accessing a WEB page from everywhere in the world. It can be at you main home, or from a mobile device if you are traveling.

Ability to trigger e-mail or SMS alerts will be also implemented.

This project’s genesis comes from a discussion with a friend that needed to check the temperature in his “vacation home” that is in a very cold place, where pipes frosting is a real risk.

There is two main parts:

  • The remote temperature units installed on each place to monitor.
  • The central site that enable to see all data.

So, we’ll have several sub-projects:

  • Remote temperature units,
  • Remote temperature sensors,
  • Central site,

that will be discussed along several posts.

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